FREE, Simple user interface to practice and perform bollywood karaoke songs
anytime, anywhere!
And Rate performances of singers across the world!
SingerZone is currently available for FREE

Huge Selection of
Bollywood Hindi Songs

Choose from a wide variety of bollywood songs,
Sing and Share with your friends, families and loved ones
And stay connected with singers across the world

Currently available for Android

Animated and Highlighted Lyrics

Enabling first timers and experienced singers
Sing along their favorite Bollywood Karaoke tracks
With equal ease

Rate and Get Rated!

SingerZone allows you to Rate other singers' performances
across the world and get rated on your own bollywood singing performance!

Become a ROCKSTAR!

A ROCKSTAR singer will be chosen every few months,
chosen among the highly rated singers,
and featured in SingerZone's all time winners list!

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    Open and ShareWeb site

    Open or Share your performance
    on Facebook, Youtube, Email, WhatsApp or other medium
    and engage your families, friends and loved ones

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    Google Play

    Easy to install
    from Google Play Store
    And best of all - FREE!

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    Enjoy listening to your
    bollywood karaoke performances,
    whenever, wherever,
    with unlimited retakes